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Eskute Officially Lands in US Market with Five E-Bikes

ESKUTE E-bikes, a fast-growing e-bike company, has released five of its models for the US, officially marking the company’s expansion into the US market, hot on the heels of its launch into the European market.

Eskute Officially Lands in US Market with Five E-Bike Products

The company hopes these five new bikes, covering electric mountain bike, city commuter e-bike, fat tire electric bike, and folding electric bike categories, will better meet the mobility solution needs of North American users.

Priced between $1,299 and $1,999, all five models are available right now with immediate shipping from the company’s website and via Amazon.

Among the five products, three of them, namely, Netuno, Polluno, and Star, already have European versions available online and in retail stores.

The US versions boast a throttle, as well as more powerful motors and faster speeds, while the European ones only feature a 250-watt motor, 15.5m/h speed, and lack a throttle.

First up in the US product lineup is the Star, a folding fat-tire electric bike that is portable, storable, powerful, comfortable, and ready for basically anything that users can throw at it.

This compact two-wheeler will easily fit in users’ closets or under their desks at work, making it almost infinitely portable! Packed with 4″ fat tires and a front suspension fork, users will be all set to cruise the pavements and conquer the trails on this e-bike! The Star retails for $1,599.

Next are the Spark X and Spark Y. These 26″ fat tire electric bikes with 750W powerful motors mean riders are always ready for steeper terrain and high peaks, meaning they can expand boundaries and travel to destinations they couldn’t have reached on an off-road bike.

Both are available with a long-range internal 48V 20Ah lithium-ion battery that allows 40 miles on throttle or 70 miles using the pedal assist.

The major difference between the Spark X and Spark Y is that the Spark X comes with a 4.0″ fat tire and front suspension fork, while the Spark Y is a full-suspension e-bike with a wider 4.8″ tire.

The premium Spark Y retails for $1,999 compared with $1,799 for the Spark X.

The other two models for the American market are the Netuno electric mountain bike and the Polluno city commuter e-bike with a rear rack and step-through frame.

The Polluno is more convenient and comfortable for use on city rides.

Both models come equipped with 500W brushless rear hub motors and a combined 48V 15Ah battery, meaning users will always have enough juice to get home.

Both models come with hydraulic lockout equipped on the front fork, helping to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride.